Gratitiude Challenge

Week 14: A talent you have

I debated on which talent I should talk about, baking, writing, playing the clarinet, but I decided on a different talent:

The ability to quickly build rapport with people, and get them to open up to me.

I decided to write about this talent, because I have a huge desire to help people, another passion of mine! I had a client come in and talk to me yesterday, and she told me that I gave her light in her world of darkness, which meant the world to me! She is so excited that she is starting the process of getting a car, and while it isn’t a quick process, she informed me that it’s the first positive news she has received in two years! She and I talked for a while, and she ended the conversation with tears in her eyes and she gave me a hug. She told me that she has never been able to go somewhere and talk to someone about her problems, she always gets interrupted, or given unwanted advice, and that it was nice to have someone just listen. I did sympathize with her when she told me that she lost her mom, and this will be her first Mother’s Day without her. I informed her that I was in the same boat, and we both shed tears, but it was an in depth conversation, and this was the first time I met this amazing lady! She told me that she really enjoyed talking to me, so I told her to feel free to call me any time if she needed to vent, and that I too would stay in touch, just to see how she was doing, not just because I am working on getting her into a vehicle. She was so appreciative, and it’s people like her that make me love the line of work I am in!

I am extremely grateful that God blessed me with the ability to make people feel comfortable enough to pour their hearts out to me! I love that even if it’s only brief, I can be a light in someone’s darkness!!

Please friends, if you feel down and need someone to talk to, whether you don’t have anyone to turn to, or would just like a new perspective, whether you want advice, or just need someone to listen, or sit with you while you cry and scream, please, please reach out to me! I will be glad to help you in any way that I can, and if I personally can’t, I won’t stop searching until I find the right person to help you!

Remember that YOU are worth it!! Your LIFE is worth LIVING, and you DESERVE the best life possible!


Love & life lessons,




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