Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Mother’s Day is Sunday and I try not to be bitter, because I am so happy that my friend’s still have their mothers, and I’m ecstatic for people like Ashley, who are expecting!  But I am not looking forward to Sunday. All it makes me do is cry! There are so many things I want to tell you. I want to talk to you about the hardships Neil and I have been facing, and vent to you once again about how much I despise insurance companies. I want to tell you about my concert, and how I felt Ashley’s stomach, and how excited I am to meet Olivia. I want to show you the 50’s style swing dress I bought for Caitlyn’s wedding, and talk to you about how beautiful her shower was, and how I gave Paul a hard time about Pokemon. I want to show you the design that Neil and I picked out for the new house, and I want to show you how awesome your new floors look! I am still working on my novel, and I’ve gotten pretty far. I want you to read it, and give me little pieces of advice on things I could say or do to make a character funny, or a little more like grandma. Two of my characters are named James and Dorothea. I always said I would dedicate my first book to my grandmother!

I just wish things could have been different, but we can’t go back, as much as I would like to, as hard as I wish, I know we can’t. So instead, I will keep pushing on and be the woman you raised me to be!

Like always, give my love to grandma. Tell grandpa I said “Let’s go O’s!” They are doing well this year! Give them both hugs for me, and tell them I miss them!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love always,

Your baby girl

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