52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

Week 13: A challenge you have overcome


I had to think about this one. At first all I could think about was the challenges I face every single day, and the goals I am working towards. After a while I finally realized I have overcome a challenge! That is speaking in front of groups of people. I used to be so nervous, and I hated to participate in group activities. I always felt like the odd man out, and speaking in front of a group of people always left me with sweaty hands and a shaky voice. I have grown into quite the social butterfly over the last couple of years. I have this new confidence in myself, and it shines. I have no problem speaking in front of a bunch of people, and at my work, I have even had to teach and instruct programs in front of people. I find myself participating in group activities, and I have learned that I have a lot to offer. I am proud of myself for not being afraid of who I am., for letting my voice be heard, and for showing off the skills that I have. I have made many friends this way, and I have even had people fight, wanting me to be their partner or on their team when we do group activities at work. I feel that I am more confident, and have great leadership skills by overcoming this challenge!

I’m curious friends, what challenges have you overcome? Talk to me!

Love and life lessons,


Wordle JPS2

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