52 Weeks of Gratitiude

Week 6: The city you live in

I live in a small town in Western Maryland. When I travel and people ask me where I’m from, a lot of them don’t even know that Garrett County exists. There are a lot of downsides to living in a small area, everybody knows everybody, everything shuts down at 9 o’ clock, I can’t just walk across the street or down the block to go to a grocery store, and if I want to go shopping I have to travel at least an hour away. I wouldn’t trade it for the conveniences of the city and these are the reasons why:

  1. Star gazing. Have you ever just sat outside at night and looked at the stars? Ambient light in the city prevents people from seeing the stars in the sky. Living in the country, where it gets very dark at night allows for star gazing, on a really clear night I’ve seen the Milky Way. Neil and I will often sit outside and star gaze, counting the number of shooting stars, satellites, and telling the difference between stars and planets. If it’s something you have never done, I strongly encourage you to do so!night-sky_2-jpeg
  2. Safety. Don’t get me wrong, I realize there is crime no matter where you live, and there are some back woods deliverance type people around here that I would not want to mess with, but the plus side of everyone knowing everyone is that there is protection, children can play in their backyard without worrying about drive by shootings, neighbors keep an eye out on your house when you’re not there.
  3. The views. I absolutely love going to the beach, and the city lights at night take my breath away, but the mountains…Oh how I love the mountains! The air smells cleaner, the fall colors are extravagant, the cool breeze on a summer’s evening is refreshing. Driving down an old windy country road, music blaring through the speakers, windows down, wind through my hair, sun on my face, and the view of beautiful green mountains surrounding me. There’s nothing better!up-U7397R6JLODQ7T30

I enjoy a lot of things about the city, the beautiful skylines, having a mall close by, there are more options of things to do, but when I think of home I think of sitting on the front porch, drinking sweet tea, I think of watching thunderstorms, and the distinct smell right before it rains, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s not something you can smell in the city. I think of bonfires, bike rides with friends, sled riding down a big hill, there’s nowhere else I would rather call home!


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One Response to 52 Weeks of Gratitiude

  1. Couldn’t agree more dear.


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