52 Weeks to Gratitude

As I was browsing through Pinterest I came across a 52 weeks to gratitude challenge. I thought that it would be a neat idea to do it & blog about it, so that my readers could follow along with me! At first I thought, I’ll save this so I can start it next year, but then I thought…why not now? I don’t have to wait until January first, I can start right now! I need to stop this mentality of putting things off until next week or next year. So starting today I am going to start this challenge! Here is the link in case you want to follow along with me, or better yet; do it with me!


52 Weeks to Gratitude Challenge

Week One:  Why Start this Challenge?

I decided to start this challenge because I have been depressed since my mom passed. I realize that is completely understandable and I need to take as much time as I need to grieve. Here’s the thing though:

I will grieve for the rest of my life!! That’s okay. She was a part of me and a part of my life, now I have to go on without her.  You’ll have to bear with me folks; I’ll be mentioning my mom in a lot of my blog posts! Anyway, I have been in this funk since Thanksgiving. The joys & laughter are far fewer than the depression and tears. I understand this is acceptable, but I don’t feel like myself. I know I will never be completely like my old self, because a part of that is missing, but my mom wouldn’t want me to spend night after night crying myself to sleep, or day after day crying on my way to work. So I am starting this challenge to remind myself of the things I have to be grateful for! To get back to more joys & laughter!  Who’s with me?

Love & life lessons,


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