Tomorrow will make a month since my mom past. I cannot deny that 2015 had some great moments, and I made some wonderful memories, but the loss of my mom made 2015 the worst year ever! So I am focusing on this year, and these are the things I am looking forward to in 2016!


  • This month is pretty much over. But I saw Star Wars and that was awesome!
  • I started a Christmas gift for Neil, which is going to take me a year to complete! Every month I will contribute something to this present. It’s so exciting!


  • Double Valentines date with Jason and Devynn ❤
  • Taking my dad out to eat for his birthday. I have had to cook his birthday meal for the last 5 years because he was not been able to leave my mom, so this will be quite the treat for him!
  • Getting new eye glasses


  • I plan to start making improvements to our house, one small step at a time!
  • Hopefully some decent weather so I can start walking again with Devynn! Check out her blog https://beachedmanatees.wordpress.com
  • Easter
  • Batman vs. Superman


  • Attending Opening Day for the Baltimore Orioles!!!! Thanks to my awesome hubby, I can cross this item off my bucket list this year! I am so excited! I have a new passion for baseball. If you have never attended a game I strongly encourage you to go! Even if you are not a baseball or sports fan, there is a charm to baseball. The lights, the smells, the sounds, the food! It’s glorious!
  • Brit Floyd concert
  • Celebrating the end of what I already know will be a successful VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) season!
  • Celebrating Jason P.’s 35th birthday!


  • Warm weather & flip flops!
  • Shopping trips


  • The birth of my niece, Olivia!!!!!
  • Caitlyn & Paul’s wedding!!!


  • Spending the 4th of July with family in Baltimore
  • My two year anniversary at my place of work!!
  • Hopefully getting to see Brandon, he turns 35 this year too!


  • Celebrating Neil’s birthday. Not a big one, but I’m hoping to take him to Fogo de Chao in Baltimore


  • As of right now, I don’t have anything planned for September. I am open to suggestions, or maybe planning an event with someone!


  • Celebrating mine & Neil’s 5th wedding anniversary!!
  • Hopefully attending an awesome Halloween party, or at least doing fun Halloween activities!
  • Christmas shopping!
  • Girl’s day with April, to celebrate her birthday!
  • Jen’s 50th birthday!!!


  • Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. We haven’t been able to it since the first year we were married.
  • Finishing up some Christmas crafts
  • Decorating for Christmas!


  • Giving Neil his Christmas present that I will put a year’s worth of work into.
  • Doing something awesome for Devynn’s birthday, since I wasn’t able to do anything for her last year!
  • Hopefully, spending New Year’s Eve in Baltimore!

Things throughout the year

  • Girl’s nights & days
  • Spending some quality time with my aunt Nancy
  • Skyping/face time with my California family!
  • “Wine chats” with Amanda
  • Getting closer to my goal weight
  • Lunch dates with coworkers
  • Lunch dates with my dad
  • Movie nights
  • Date nights with Neil
  • Making more crafts
  • Double dates with Jen & Dave (my supervisor & her honey)
  • Double dates with Jason & Devynn
  • Sprucing up the house


I’d love to hear from you, friends! What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Love & Life Lessons,


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