A favorite Memory

In honor of my husband’s birthday, and to brag (just a little) about how romantic he is; I am going to share one of my favorite memories from when we were dating:

It was New Year’s Eve, Neil told me he had an evening planned for just the two of us, part of that would be going out for dinner. So I put on his favorite sweater of mine, found a pair of jeans that made my butt look good, curled my hair, and did my make-up. I modeled in front of the mirror, making sure I looked my best for our date night.

When I arrived at Neil’s apartment, he was standing in his living room. He was wearing a button down black dress shirt, a pair of jeans, and dress boots. He hit a button on his remote and the room filled with beautiful music. “Gravity” by John Mayer was playing through his surround sound speakers. Neil grabbed my hand and walked me from the landing into his living room, where he slow danced with me for the very first time. He was wearing the American Eagle cologne I had bought him for Christmas. His smell was intoxicating, and I enjoyed breathing him in. I suddenly felt very giddy, like a teenage girl, on a date with her crush.  I had loved Neil for a while, but it was at this moment that I knew he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

We were going to have dinner at Mt. State Brewery, but the place was packed, so we went to Perkins instead. We had a very nice dinner. Afterwards, we went back to Neil’s apartment where we cuddled under a blanket, watched movies and munched on cheese and crackers.

We sealed the end of an incredible night and the beginning of a new year with a midnight kiss.

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  1. kristianw84 says:

    Reblogged this on Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table and commented:

    In honor of my husband’s birthday I am going to reblog the post I wrote to honor jim last year! This is still one of my favorite memories! I adore my husband! Happy Birthday, Neil!! ❤


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